Customer loyalty can be a fickle thing

Beware, your customers might not be as loyal as you think..

Earlier this week I eagerly trotted off to my hairdresser for a much needed haircut. I’d been having those “God I hate my hair moments” so was more than ready for my appointment which had been in the diary for six weeks. You can imagine my annoyance when I arrived at my hairdressing salon only to be told that my hairdresser was off due to a family bereavement and would not be back for three weeks. Apparently the salon had been unable to let me know as they didn’t have my phone number.

There was no one else free in the salon to cut my hair that day. They offered me an appointment for the following day but I did my annoyed ‘throw my toys out of the pram’ thing and left the salon without a new appointment. I figured that since I was going to have someone new cut my hair I might as well try out a new salon.

I went home, did some Googling and found another salon that I liked the look of. I was particularly impressed with their Facebook page which was engaging, regularly updated and running a promotion. I made an appointment for the next day. All went well and I have booked to return in six weeks time. My old salon has lost a customer.

The point of posting this story on here is to illustrate the importance of seemingly small procedures and attention to detail. If my previous hairdressing salon simply kept a record of all their customers and contact details they would not have lost me as a customer. I would have reacted quite differently and rationally if I’d not received the news minutes before I was expecting to get my hair cut.

Whilst personal services such as hairdressing tend to engender customer loyalty we can all be fickle creatures at times. Relationship can’t always be relied upon as a guarantee of future custom, especially when the relationship is new.

So the moral of my little story is – make sure you have the back end procedures in place to back up and not let down your front end operation.

If you can add any similar experiences which illustrate this point please comment below.

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