Facebook Search FYI

Last week Facebook launched Search FYI, an update that let’s Facebook users search Facebook’s complete index of public posts. According to Facebook there are over 1.5 billion searches per day on Facebook and over 2 trillion posts in our index so this is an important update for the social media channel.

Facebook’s recent algorithm changes have had a negative impact on most business pages. Only those businesses that really engage with their page followers and post compelling content are getting good visibility amongst their followers. Most small businesses are struggling to get their posts seen so it makes you wonder if the effort is worthwhile. With the introduction of Search FYI Facebook could still be worth investing in.

How does Facebook Search FYI work?

  • When you begin typing in the search field, Facebook Search FYI will offer timely, personalised suggestions. As you type Facebook will highlight things that are happening in real-time.
  • You’ll see the most recent, relevant public posts along with posts from your friends. Search results are organised to help you quickly understand what the world is saying about a topic in the moment. You can also refresh to see the latest public posts.

The update has so far only been rolled out in the US but is expected to roll out in the UK in the near future.

Facebook Search FYI should be good for business pages as all public posts will now gain more visibility by coming up in Facebook search results. We’ll update you when Facebook Search FYI is launched in the UK.

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