Final advert revealed

The final advert in our three-stage advertising campaign for our legal client, Veitch Penny, goes live later this month. Here’s a sneak preview!

The objective of the campaign was to raise brand awareness in and around Exeter. Each advert was booked to run for two months across bus rears and bus shelter sites across Exeter.

Each advert featured a different breed of dog and this was the consistent theme across the campaign to pull it altogether. Each key message highlighted one of the firm’s key strengths.

The adverts were intended to be eye catching and non-lawyer like! They have certainly attracted a great deal of feedback which was the purpose of the campaign. A full analysis will be done following the end of the third campaign.

Here are the three adverts:

Veitch Penny advert campaign 3

Veitch Penny advert campaign 2

Veitch Penny advert campaign 1

What do you think?

If you’re planning an advertising campaign you may find this blog useful: “Advertising – how to maximise spend“. If you’d like any help. please give us a call.