How not to conduct a sales call

We received a sales call this morning which we couldn’t resist sharing the transcript of. An example of how not to conduct a sales call:

Sales person: “I’d like to speak to the Managing Director if he’s in, it’s xxx”
Me: “What’s it regarding?”
Sales person: I’d like to speak to the Managing Director, is he in?”
Me: “The Managing Director is not a he”
Sales person: “Oh, is it Alison Jobson?”
Me” “Yes, clearly not a he. Alison is a woman’s name”
Sales person: “Alison can be a man’s name”
Me: “Really? I’ve never met a man called Alison”
Sales person: “Well it’s a man’s name in Brazil”
Me: *laughs* and was about to respond that he’s not calling Brazil when he got the final word in
Sales person: “Right, I’ll send you an email, bye”

Needless to say he realised he wasn’t going to get anywhere and hasn’t emailed me.

Have you been on the receiving end of a terrible sales call?