Find us in Yellow Pages

I followed an electrician’s van the other day and was perplexed to see a sticker on the back saying “Find us in Yellow Pages”. I’ve thought about this quite a lot since yet still struggled to find the reasons why anyone would use this sticker.

Third party endorsement?

Anyone can pay to advertise in Yellow Pages so there is no credibility or endorsement associated with being listed there.


There is often kudos in being the first to try something new or showing evidece of innovation. Yellow Pages is a declining medium so this sticker has quite the opposite effect.

Easy contact?

Contact details were provided on the van yet I accept that you might not be able to note them down and may need to look them up later. However, Yellow Pages is unlikely to be your first point of call. Would you even know where to lay your hands on a copy? The vast majority of us would go to Google, so again little value there.

I really can’t see any worthwhile reason why you might use this sticker. Am I missing something? If so, please comment below.