When is it time for a brand refresh?

A question we’re often asked is “when is it time for a brand refresh?” A brand refresh is a bit like a makeover for your company – an update to your brand’s look/feel whilst maintaining some familiarity with how the brand looked before.

Deciding when it’s the right time for a brand refresh can be tricky. If you’ve built a brand that is understood and recognised by your customers and target audience making any changes to that brand can be a risky strategy.

However time ages everything, including brand identities so sometimes a brand refresh is just what’s needed!

So, when is a good time for a brand refresh?

There is no specific timescale but here are some trigger points that might suggest it’s time for a brand refresh:

[list_circle color=”#26a29a” font_size=”11pt”][list_item]Your branding is outdated[/list_item][/list_circle]

It looked great when you created it but time has passed and now your logo is looking outdated in your market place.

[list_circle color=”#26a29a” font_size=”11pt”][list_item]Your marketing isn’t working[/list_item][/list_circle]

If you’re doing everything right but you’re just not attracting customers then maybe your brand isn’t resonating with your target audience.

[list_circle color=”#26a29a” font_size=”11pt”][list_item]Your products or services have changed[/list_item][/list_circle]

Is your current branding still relevant to the products/services you are trying to sell?

[list_circle color=”#26a29a” font_size=”11pt”][list_item]You’re in a highly competitive market place[/list_item][/list_circle]

When competition is high branding becomes paramount to help you stand out. A strong brand gives your customers a reason to choose you.

[list_circle color=”#26a29a” font_size=”11pt”][list_item]You want to move into new markets[/list_item][/list_circle]

This is particularly relevant if you’re looking to expand internationally where your existing brand might not fit culturally.

[list_circle color=”#26a29a” font_size=”11pt”][list_item]Your market has grown but your share in it hasn’t[/list_item][/list_circle]

This should alert you that your brand isn’t appealing somehow so it’s time to review it.

Remember that a brand refresh isn’t just about updating your logo. It’s also about defining what you offer as a company that makes you stand out from the competition and gives customers a reason to choose you.

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