Outsourcing marketing to a marketing agency

Outsourcing marketing can be extremely effective if you need extra resource and help with your marketing. Using an outsourced marketing department gives you access to marketing professionals and their skills without paying for in-house personnel.

Your outsourced marketing department/manager take care of all your marketing requirements for you on a regular on-going basis. Instead of being employed directly by your company they provide their marketing support on an outsourced basis.

Benefits of outsourcing marketing

  • Marketing resource can be scaled up and down as you need it.
  • You don’t have the many associated costs that come with taking on permanent marketing staff (e.g. sick pay, holiday pay, benefits etc.) when you outsource marketing.
  • You only pay for the time spent on marketing your business. You’re not paying for your marketing manager to make themselves a cup of tea or have a chat with their colleagues.
  • Outsourced marketing personnel are less restrained by an “it’s not how it’s done around here” culture and have more freedom to be creative.
  • Outsourced marketing personnel often work for several clients across different industries. This means they have experience of many different aspects of marketing and can apply this to your business. They are not stuck in a rut of doing the same old thing.

What to do if you’re thinking of outsourcing marketing

Determine your requirements

Think about where you need help with your marketing. Are you looking for an outsourced marketing department to take care of all your marketing or just specific aspects? Know what you need before you look for help.

Do your research

Shortlist some marketing agencies that look like they offer the experience and skills you need. Also, ask your business contacts for their recommendation.


Arrange to meet your shortlisted marketing agencies. Determine if they’re the right fit for you, check their credentials and maybe ask to speak to some of their existing clients.

Agree what your support your marketing agency will provide. Set out how the relationship will work. Consider sign off procedure, reporting structure, frequency of contact and evaluation mechanisms.

Most marketing agencies charge a fixed fee monthly retainer for a time-based level of support. We use this approach but work to deliverables each month rather than being specific about time. At the start of every month, we agree with our clients what tasks we will deliver that month and we complete these even if this means going overtime. We also like to work with local businesses so we can physically meet them at their premises every month. This helps us get to know our clients better and be more effective.

If you’re planning on outsourcing marketing and would like a free no-obligation chat please give us a call.