How to write an advert

Have you booked advertising space and now need to write an advert? Advertising can be an expensive form of marketing so your advert really needs to pack a punch and be as effective as possible.

Before you begin writing your advert consider the following:

  • Define your objective - are you advertising to build awareness or to generate enquiries or sales?
  • Consider your target audience - what problems can you solve for them?
  • Check our the competition - see what adverts work well and consider how you can make your advert stand out.

Now you're ready to begin.

9 steps to write an advert

Step 1

Devise a short, attention-grabbing headline that clearly communicates your message and draws people to your advert.  Aim for approximately five words.

Step 2

Build on the heading with two or three sentences explaining your product or service offering - focus on your key selling points.

Step 3

Use simple vocabulary and avoid jargon.

Step 4

Use a high quality image to attract attention but ensure it is relevant to your message.

Step 5

Use a simple, easy to read font.

Step 6

Keep the advert clean and uncluttered so it is clear and not overwhelming.

Step 7

Don't make false claims. Including genuine statistics or facts can make a compelling advert.

Step 8

Include a clear call to action to prompt a response - make it easy for potential customers to contact you.

Step 9

When you've finished your advert try and look at it as if you were a potential customer. Would it grab your attention?

Example advert

Here is an example of a series of adverts that we designed for a law firm client.

  • Clear headline.
  • Supporting copy follows on from the headline.
  • Eye catching image that is relevant to the copy.
  • Clear and uncluttered.
  • Easy to find contact details.

Advert for Straight Marketing client

Advert for Straight Marketing client

Advert for Straight Marketing client


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