2016 Christmas TV adverts

We’ve had Halloween and Bonfire Night so that only means one thing… the countdown to Christmas is on! All the major retailers have now released their much anticipated budget busting 2016 Christmas TV adverts.

This year’s Christmas TV adverts feature bouncing dogs, talking inanimate objects, irritating sound tracks and a helicopter flying Mrs Claus.

Round up of 2016 Christmas TV adverts

John Lewis

This year’s offering from John Lewis is a more lighthearted affair with no hard-hitting messages as per last year. I can’t watch this without worrying about the damage that all those animal claws must be doing to the base of the trampoline! Animal welfare charities are more concerned over warning pet owners not to try this at home. Stick to cute penguins I say.


Debenhams is sticking with its ‘Found it’ theme this year. The advert uses celebrity voices for talking presents. It sounds bizarre but watch the advert – it’s very clever and I think quite effective. It follows on perfectly from last year’s advert.


Tesco is following a similar route to last year with a series of shorter adverts rather than one big Christmas campaign. The first in the ‘Bring It On’ series features actors Ruth Jones and Ben Miller, who have featured in the supermarket’s most recent ads. It it too soon? Apparently not.


Sainsburys have opted for a cartoon style musical ‘The greatest gift’ advert featuring vocals by James Cordon. If you can make it to the end of this advert without needing a stiff drink than you’re a better person than me. This has to be the most annoying Christmas advert ever!


Waitrose are pulling at the heart strings with a 90 second ad reflecting the real-life migration of a young Scandinavian robin on its way home across mountains and seas. ‘Home For Christmas’ features great music, beautiful cinematography but is not very Christmassy in my opinion and doesn’t make me want to rush out and fill my fridge with gorgeous Waitrose food.

Marks & Spencer

And last but not least my favourite of the bunch. Marks and Spencer’s ‘Christmas with love’ advert tells the heart-warming story of how Mrs Claus makes Christmas complete for a seven-year-old Jake.

Which one is your favourite 2016 Christmas TV advert? Please comment below. If you’d like to look back at last year’s Christmas adverts click here.

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