Themed marketing campaign

In B2B marketing direct mail is still one of the best ways to introduce your product or services to potential customers. To make your direct mail stand out why not use a themed marketing campaign? There are plenty of opportunities throughout the year to use a celebration or event as the basis of your introduction.

Themed marketing campaign example

Themed marketing campaign exampleWith Christmas just round the corner we used the festive season as the basis for a themed marketing campaign on behalf of a professional services client. The campaign was aimed at hotels, one of their key market sectors which they want to grow.

We designed a Christmas card specifically for the hotel sector. The front of the card reads “Relax this Christmas”. The greeting on the inside of the card plays to the fact that hotels are approaching one of their busiest times of the year and uses one of our client’s key selling points to highlight how our client can help.

The card was branded on the inside and included the client’s contact details on the back of the card.

We wanted the Christmas card to stand out so we mailed it in November to ensure it was one of the first received this season. The card was sent to named contacts (pre-validated with a telephone call) at a targeted list of 25 hotels. We followed up the campaign with telephone calls to all recipients within a couple of days.

Nearly all of the 25 recalled having seen the card and they loved it!

Most notable results include:

  • One meeting scheduled for December.
  • One recipient asked us to follow up again in February and said they were looking forward to receiving our Valentine’s card!
  • One recipient said they’d appointed a new supplier 12 months previously but if they’d received our card a year ago they definitely would have called us. We’re now on their radar if things go wring with the incumbent.

Even those that didn’t produce an immediate direct result have potential for the future. We’ve made our client known to them in a positive way so they’re likely to be their first point of call when the hotel wants to review their arrangements.

A themed marketing campaign is easy to implement and has good cut through. Email marketing definitely has it’s place but getting your message to stand out in a crowded inbox is a major challenge! If you send a card it’s much more likely to get through.

So get planning your Valentines campaigns now!

If you’d like some help planning and implementing your themed marketing campaign please get in touch.