Cyber Security Awareness Week in Exeter

Cyber security awareness weekBritain’s first Cyber Security Awareness Week, aimed specifically at SMEs, is being launched in Exeter in February 2017. Cyber security is a growing concern for all businesses and an issue none of us can afford to ignore. If you're not adequately prepared the effects of an attack could put you out of business.

According to the ONS, there were 2.5 million cyber attacks on businesses last year, involving theft of money, data or holding victims to ransom after encrypting their files.   Yet seven out of ten SMEs have yet to take any action to protect themselves, despite the cost of the most serious breach being put at more than £300,000.  Hackers now see SMEs as soft targets because of their complacency and reluctance to invest in cyber security.  It’s also a massively under-reported crime with companies worried about their reputation and client confidence.

Exeter's Cyber Security Awareness Week will feature a series of workshops, talks and practical advice to guide businesses on how to prepare for and prevent online attacks.

Leading the event are our client, Exeter-based Bluegrass Group, who have been at the forefront of spreading awareness of what is now Britain’s fastest growing crime.

Cyber Security Awareness Week will focus attention on the positive: protection and prevention.

To register your interest and be the first to receive the programme please click here or visit the Bluegrass website.

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