Pros and cons of advertising

Understanding the pros and cons of advertising, probably one of the oldest methods of marketing, is important to help you make the right decision when considering advertising as part of your marketing plan. Despite what some may say advertising is not dead. A quick look at the budgets spent on this year’s Christmas advertising campaigns will put pay to that notion.

Here are the pros and cons of advertising to help you with your marketing budget decisions:

Pros of advertising

  1. You choose your message and how it is displayed (subject to advertising codes of conduct).
  2. You decide exactly where and when that message is displayed.
  3. It is a simple way to broadcast your message.
  4. It can be highly targeted – you can specify media which are tailored to your target audience.
  5. It can be useful if you have a particular story to tell or have a strong call to action, for example a one-day sale.

Cons of advertising

  1. Advertising can be expensive as you need to advertise quite frequently and widely.
  2. You need a lot of exposure to generate significant awareness.
  3. It can be hard to measure return on investment although you can build in specific response mechanisms such as virtual phone numbers, unique codes and landing pages. Digital advertising is easier to track.
  4. It can easily be missed – people tend to ignore or skip over adverts.
  5. It isn’t endorsed or validated – unlike a piece of editorial for example.

If you’re thinking of incorporating advertising into your marketing mix you may find this blog post useful: How to maximise advertising spend.

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