Marketing retainer – how does it work?

Our prospective marketing clients often ask “how does a marketing retainer work?” so we thought we’d explain in a blog.

We work with many clients on an on-going basis, acting as their outsourced marketing department under a marketing retainer arrangement.

What is a marketing retainer?

We provide an agreed amount of marketing support per month for a fixed fee. The amount of support will depend on the needs of your business and the amount of internal resource you have available. For some clients, we provide specific services each month such as email marketing, blogging and social media management. For others, we take care of the whole marketing function so the specific activities we undertake may vary from month to month.

How much support will you get?

Our monthly retainers are based on time, starting at a minimum of one day of support per month. Any less than this commitment does not generally produce sufficient time on investment. Marketing retainers can be scaled up or down as we go along. Within one year one of our clients increased their level of

Marketing retainers can be scaled up or down as we go along. Within one year one of our clients increased their level of retainer from one day per month to two days per month and is now on four days per month having seen the benefit that outsourcing their marketing has had to their business.

How does the marketing retainer work?

The first step is to agree on the level of marketing retainer. Whilst this is founded on a time basis we aim to work to deliverables each month instead. This means that at the start of each month we agree with you what tasks we will undertake that month and these will be completed even if it takes us slightly over or below our time allowance.

This gives you the security of knowing what will be achieved each month and means you’re not paying for us sat twiddling our thumbs on a day when we’re lacking inspiration!

During the first month of a retained contract we will normally complete a marketing audit and outline marketing plan. This helps us to determine where the business is at and what needs to be done to achieve the marketing objectives. It also gives us a plan to work to.

How long is a marketing retainer?

We don’t believe in tying clients into long marketing retainer contracts. We normally just ask for one or two month’s notice to cancel a retainer. We do, however, recommend a minimum six-month contract to allow time for the marketing to have an effect.

What are the benefits of a marketing retainer?

The benefits are numerous, however, we believe the two most crucial benefits are:

  1. We become part of your team. The longer we work with you the better we get to know your business and can identify opportunities and make recommendations that are right for your business.
  2. We take care of the marketing and keep it moving. You can relax and concentrate on the other areas of the business and not have to worry about the marketing. We may nag you occasionally when we need input from you but the most important thing is that we keep it going.

“I am extremely busy managing the day-to-day demands of the business and have little time to think about marketing.Straight Marketing take the burden away for us and they deal with our needs proactively and efficiently. I can relax knowing that our marketing is in safe, capable hands.”

How much does a marketing retainer cost?

The million dollar question! Your minimum investment will be £560 + VAT per month, a drop in the ocean compared to the potential return in terms of new business and income.

If you would like to hand over the reins for your marketing and get it working for you please give us a call on 01395 269791, we’d love to help. In the meantime why not see how our retained clients have benefitted from working with us.