12 sources of blog inspiration

Are you stuck for blog inspiration, staring at a blank computer screen wondering what to write? If you blog regularly, which you should, this is a common problem.

12 sources of blog inspiration

  1. News websites -  find the latest news headlines, industry trends, stats, studies, new products, technologies related to your business
  2. Trade magazines/websites - as above
  3. Social media - scan your social media streams and news feeds for inspiration
  4. Google alerts - set up Google alerts on keywords relevant to your business for fresh ideas direct to your inbox
  5. Hubspot blog generator - input three relevant terms and get a week's worth of potential blog post titles in a matter of seconds
  6. Competitor websites - check out what your competitors are blogging about and create your own spin on a subject
  7. FAQs - keep a list of questions that you get regularly asked by your customers and blog the answers
  8. Old content - revisit your old blog posts and provide an update or create a spin off
  9. Repurpose - convert previous blog content into other mediums such as video
  10. Crowdsource - use social media to ask your contacts what they would like you to blog about
  11. Quora - explore what questions are being asked on Quora and find those relevant to your industry
  12. Newsletters - sign up to relevant newsletters (including your competitors) and see what content they are sharing

We all have moments when we lack blog inspiration, us included! We find the best approach is to do the thinking up front and come up with a list of blog topics that you can then schedule. Use the sources above to help you. Happy blogging!

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