How to get local press coverage for your business

Getting local press coverage for your business is beneficial if you want to focus your marketing on your local market. Local newspapers/news sites are often more widely read than national news publications so are a good place to target your PR activities.

Editorial coverage raises brand awareness and positive stories add credibility to your business.

9 tips to get local press coverage

1. Research your media

Familiarise yourself with your local publications/news sites so you get a good feel for the types of stories each one covers.

2. Find out who the journalists are

Identify who the key journalists are and obtain their contact details. and try to get to know them. Easy ways to build a relationship include following them on Twitter or introducing yourself to them if you see them at an event.

3. Build relationships

Try to get to know the journalists. You could follow them on social media, drop them an email to introduce your business or introduce yourself to them if you see them at an event.

4. Find out the lead times

Establish what deadlines the journalists work to so you can get your story to them on time and avoid bothering them when they’re on a deadline (and aren’t so friendly!).

5. Provide good stories

Supply the journalists with interesting stories that are relevant to the local area.

6. Write a good press release

A well-written press release that covers all the main points is the best approach. For guidance on how to write a press release see our blog post.

7. Get local notable figures involved

Getting a local MP or celebrity to connect with your business somehow will interest the local press. You could involve them to promote a cause, launch a product or take part in an event, for example.

8. Engage in charitable/fundraising activities

Local newspapers love to give editorial coverage to charity events so organise your own events or take part in fundraising. Remember to take good photos.

9. Monitor coverage

Always monitor your local press coverage and remember to thank journalists when they give you editorial content.