Why use direct mail over email marketing

Would you choose direct mail over email marketing? You really should and here's why.

9 reasons to use direct mail over email

  1. We all get less post than we used to so direct mail is likely to be opened.
  2. Direct mail stands out, unlike an email in a busy and overcrowded inbox.
  3. Direct mail is tangible and gives people something to hold on to. It tends to hang around for longer thus keeping your brand in front of your prospective customer.
  4. Direct mail engages a recipient's full attention, unlike digital media where often we're simultaneously paying attention to two or more digital or video devices at the same time.
  5. Direct mail helps build trust in your brand as people perceive it to be more secure and more believable.
  6. A well-crafted piece of direct mail looks professional and creates an excellent first impression.
  7. Direct mail can be made fun and memorable by including gifts or using an unusual format.
  8. The growth in cyber-crime means we're less likely to click on links or open attachments in unsolicited email that's if it's even made it past our spam filters.
  9. Direct mail is open to all. It's not reliant on access to technology and can reach all audiences regardless of their tech savviness.

Direct mail statistics

If you're still not convinced, here are some compelling stats from a recent study by MarketReach:

  • 87% said they were influenced to make an online purchase as a result of receiving direct mail
  • 65% of people give mail their full attention, compared with only 35% who said the same for email
  • 70% of people say mail makes them feel valued and gives them a better impression of the company
  • 65% of people are confident that the contents of their mail are private
  • Addressed advertising mail stays in the home for an average of 17 days

We're not suggesting you ditch your email marketing entirely but have a go at incorporating some direct mail into the mix.

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