2018 marketing tips

The end of 2017 is fast approaching. While your focus just now is probably clearing your desk for the Christmas and New Years Eve celebrations the new working year will be upon you soon!

Here are our 2018 marketing tips for you to crack on with when you're back to the office in early January.

Ten 2018 marketing tips:

  1. Update your marketing plandownload our free marketing plan template to help you.
  2. Spring clean your data - prepare for GDPR by deleting out of date data and ensuring you have the appropriate marketing consent.
  3. Update your opt-ins - op-outs will no longer be acceptable consent post-25 May and the enforcement of GDPR.
  4. Prepare your content plan - good quality content will continue to be the most significant influence on search engine rankings 2018.
  5. Start generating video content - a video is the most effective medium for engaging your target audience.
  6. Get to grips with Google Analytics - take the time in 2018 to use and understand your Google Analytics to make your website more effective.
  7. Take note of the "bird in the hand" adage - it's easy to focus all your effort on attracting new customers and forget about the ones you've already got. Develop a marketing plan for current (and lapsed) customers to make sure they stay with you and if possible increase their spend.
  8. Introduce direct marketing - GDPR and email overload make direct marketing an attractive option to get in front of potential customers.
  9. Keep it focused - pare back your marketing plan and concentrate on doing small things well.
  10. Regularly evaluate - build in mechanisms to regularly assess the effectiveness of your marketing and tweak your marketing plan to do more of the things that worked well.

If you need help with your 2018 marketing, please get in touch as we'd be delighted to help. Just drop us an email or call us on 01395 269791.

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