Do you really need a corporate brochure?

Do you really need a corporate brochure? When I started my marketing career two decades ago in an internet-absent era, corporate brochures were all the rage. No self-respecting business of a credible size was without a 20-page glossy tome that extolled the virtues of their business.

Fast forward a few years and the internet boom began to replace corporate brochures with websites that were effectively corporate brochures online. Why go to the vast expense of a printed document, that will most likely be out of date within a few months, when you can just put your promotional wares on the web?

For a while back there many businesses saw corporate brochures as unnecessary and they fell out of fashion.

Skip forward to 2018, and how do we feel about corporate brochures today?

Often corporate brochures are not much more than vanity marketing. An expensive exercise to say, “hey, look at us, aren’t we amazing?”. That said, in some instances, corporate brochures do have a place and can be a useful marketing addition.

Do you need a corporate brochure?

Four uses for a corporate brochure:

1. It’s a statement

The fact that you’ve gone to the trouble and expense of having a brochure produced says something about your company. It can elevate the status and standing of your business in your customer’s eyes.

2. It’s a leave behind for your sales team

At the end of a meeting, it’s good to be able to leave something behind. A brochure will likely sit on your potential customer’s desk long after you leave and be a constant brand reminder.

3. It’s a sales piece

While you can showcase your products online, there’s nothing like the impact of a well designed and high spec brochure to create a desire for your products.

4. Your target market may expect it

We worked with a client that was marketing its services to the Middle East where corporate brochures are expected. Without a glossy corporate brochure, our client would not have been taken seriously. In some industries, your customers will expect to see a brochure.

Our advice when it comes to corporate brochures is to think about what purpose it will serve and determine if it’s really necessary first.

If you decide that your business needs a corporate brochure and would like some help, please get in touch. We can manage the whole process for you, from writing the copy to design and print, and deliver a brochure that does your business proud.