Blogging can lead to radio interviews!

Today, I’ve done my third radio interview which came off the back of a blog I’ve written. This morning I had a call from BBC Radio Devon asking if they could interview me for a slot in their afternoon programme where they will be discussing a recent social attitude survey.

The researcher had come across my blog, Business etiquette at networking events: handshake or kiss?”, and contacted me to ask if I’d like to be involved in today’s show. The link was slightly tenuous but I’m never one to pass up a radio opportunity so I said I’d be happy to share my thoughts!

This is the second time that this particular blog, which I wrote nearly seven years ago, has resulted in a radio interview. I was also asked to comment on ‘fist bumping’ by BBC Radio Tees after they’d found and read my business etiquette blog.

My first radio interview in 2013, again with BBC Radio Devon, was the result of a blog post on the imminent arrival of the royal baby, The royal baby marketing machine“.

While my fame has yet to stretch beyond regional radio it does show the potential reach of your blogging activity. If you use your blog to share your expertise, demonstrate your knowledge and offer an opinion, radio and news researchers looking for expert comment in that area will seek you out.

The interview, if you’d like to hear it, is downloadable from the BBC Radio Devon website. It’s on the Janet Kipling show.