What is a landing page?

Landing page exampleA landing page is a standalone web page, created specifically for the purposes of a marketing or advertising campaign. It's where you direct a visitor (where they "land") from an advert or other marketing campaign.

Say you're advertising a specific product. You need anyone seeing that advert and wanting to know more about the product to be able to do so quickly and easily. If you send them to your homepage, the visitor will need to work out where to go next and you will probably lose their interest.

A landing page can summarise the key points about the product, capture information about the visitor, and direct them to take the next action.

6 key elements to a successful landing page

1. Hidden or limited navigation

Hide or limit your main website navigation on your landing page to keep it simple. This removes distraction and encourages visitors to take your desired action.

2. Strong headline

An attention-grabbing landing page headline will compel visitors to scroll on. Make it sharp and punchy.

3. Consistent branding

Your landing page should have a consistent look and feel to the advert or promotional material that led the visitor to your page.

4. Minimal copy

Keep the page short and to the point. Your copy should emphasise the benefits rather than features and give just enough detail for visitors to take the next step.

5. Supporting image

Make the page more visually attractive by including an image or video. However, the image needs to be relevant to your offer and add something to the page.

6. Lead capture form

The most important element of your landing page is a lead capture form. Only ask for the information that you really need and make sure there is a value attached to completing the form. For example, a free trial or to receive a whitepaper download.

You can have as many landing pages on your site as you like so use them often to improve your marketing conversion rates.

Image credit: Magic Mockups. Shared under Creative Commons license.

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