When to post on social media

If you Google "when to post on social media", you'll find many blog posts and articles offering advice on social media timing. However, there is no set rule and it all depends on the audience you want to engage with and the platform you are using. Our advice is to use this advice alongside a review of your analytics so that you can work out a schedule that is most appropriate for your business and target audience.

Here's a quick guide to help you work out when to post on social media.


Facebook shares information on when your followers are online via the Insights tab. Click on the Posts tab and you will see a graph that shows you what times and days of the week your followers are on Facebook. The data is only based on the previous seven days so it's worth monitoring this over a few weeks to get an accurate picture.


Instagram also has Insights which you can access from your profile. Open your Instagram app, go to your profile, click on the menu at the top, and select Insights. Under the Audience tab, you'll be able to see when your followers are online and can use this data to plan your posts.


Unlike Facebook and Instagram, Twitter, unfortunately, doesn't give you info on when your followers are on online. However, you can still use the Twitter analytics to try and work out the best time to post. Log in to Twitter and click on Analytics in the main menu. In the Tweets tab, you'll see data on each of your tweets such as engagement and impressions. Pick out the tweets that got the most engagement and see when they were posted. If there is a pattern that will give you a good indication of when to tweet.


LinkedIn provides very limited analytical data on company pages. Under the Analytics tab in your Admin section, the Visitors tab will show you on what days of the week people visited your profile. This can provide some guidance when determining what days of the week to post but can't help with timing.

Once you've worked out when to post on each of your social media channels create a schedule. Stick to your schedule for a few weeks and then use your analytics to review how effective it has been and tweak it accordingly.

If you have any tips on when to post on social media, please share them below.

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