42% of UK businesses outsource marketing

Outsource marketingNew research by the digital marketing agency, Marketingsignals.com, reveals that more than 42% of UK businesses outsource marketing.

The survey of 1,021 UK workers gave the following reasons for outsourcing:

  • 37% can’t find someone qualified for the role
  • 35% don’t have the resource to handle it internally
  • 32% prefer to outsource this to benefit from the expertise of external marketers
  • 22% find outsourcing their marketing activity offers them cost savings in the longer term

Why outsource marketing instead of handling it in-house?

5 benefits of outsourcing marketing:

  1. A fresh perspective – an external marketing agency is not constrained by your internal politics or bogged down in the day-to-day issues. They bring an external viewpoint and will find it easier to see your brand from the perspective of a potential customer.
  2. Expertise – you’ll have access to a broad spread of expertise and skills that might not be viable or affordable to your business as a full-time resource.
  3. Flexibility – outsourcing is a more flexible resource. You can scale up and down depending on the needs of your business.
  4. Cost savings – your marketing agency will have the experience to ensure you only spend on the most effective activities and don’t waste money on ineffective marketing. Also, you won’t have the expensive overheads that come with employing staff.
  5. Increased efficiency – outsourcing will free up your internal resource allowing them to concentrate on other tasks to which they may be better suited. Your outsourced marketing team will be efficient and productive as this is their area of expertise.

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