New LinkedIn update: Reactions

LinkedIn update

Last week, brought news of a new LinkedIn update. LinkedIn has begun rolling out its own variation of Reactions – a set of emojis that you can use to express how you feel about a post.

Now instead of just being able to “like” a post, you can choose from any of the following emojis:

Image credit: LinkedIn

Announcing the LinkedIn update in a blog on LinkedIn, product manager Cissy Chen said: “One of the things we regularly hear from all of you is that you want more expressive ways than a “Like” to respond to the variety posts you see in your feed. At the same time, you’ve also told us that when you post on LinkedIn, you want more ways to feel heard and understand why someone liked what you said.”

LinkedIn analysed the top 1-2 word comments being used and looked at what types of posts people share the most before settling on the final five Reactions.

The new Reactions will enable users to respond quickly to posts which may increase engagement on the platform. The update will also give insight into what kind of impact your posts are having on others.

Reactions are starting to roll out now and will be available globally to all members in the coming months in the LinkedIn mobile app and on the web. They’ve not reached us yet!

Main image credit: AbsolutVision on Pixabay

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