How to achieve Instagram success

Following on from our last blog post where we explained how the Instagram algorithm works, here’s how to achieve Instagram success for your business.

10 tips to achieve Instagram success:

  1. Post compelling content – sharing visually stunning photos is the most likely way to generate likes and shares. At the very least, your pictures should always be high quality.
  2. Publish video content – Instagram doesn’t prioritise video, but as it auto plays in your follower’s feed, it will attract their attention when scrolling through.
  3. Publish stories – like video, Instagram doesn’t prioritise Stories, but they’re the most popular form of content on the platform. Publishing stories will push your brand’s account to the front of your followers’ Stories updates.
  4. Post when your audience is online – use your Instagram Analytics report in the mobile app to see when your followers are online and find your peak posting times.
  5. Use hashtags – Instagrammers use hashtags to find relevant content, so use appropriate hashtags in your posts to extend your reach.
  6. Encourage engagement – directly seek interactions by asking users to comment. Asking a question or using ‘tag a friend’ in the caption is an easy way to achieve this.
  7. Comment on other user’s posts – commenting on posts from relevant users and brands will increase your visibility. But, make sure your comments add value and aren’t merely a sales pitch.
  8. Respond to comments – improve engagement by responding to comments on your posts, even if it’s just a thank you for commenting.
  9. Run a competition or giveaway – giveaways are popular, which will gain you extra attention and engagement.
  10. Post frequently – posting often will increase the chances of your posts been seen and give you more content to analyse to see which posts work best.

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