Stay true to your brand

True to your brand

Are you consistently true to your brand?

Several times over recent years, I’ve used an independent travel consultant, who is a part of a worldwide franchise, to find and book our family summer holiday. The travel franchise differentiates itself from the competition with its personal approach to holidays and travel. This branding is reflected on their website with the statement, “personally tailored to you” and in their strapline which includes the word “personal”.

Overall, I’d say that the service I’ve received has been bang on brand. Whenever I’ve used my local travel consultant, the relationship has felt personal. She’s seemingly taken time to understand our family requirements and worked hard to find it. She even signs her emails off with kisses. I’d say that’s quite personal!

However, I’m dismayed to receive emails, purportedly from my travel consultant, that are not personal at all. I’m assuming these marketing emails originate from the franchise HQ and are bulk sent to all the people on the travel consultant’s database. As a marketer, I’m alert to this practice but others may genuinely believe that the email has been sent direct from their personal travel consultant.

Today’s email includes the wording, “If you’ve already received a quote or booked your holiday with me and would like to..”. Not personal in any way.

Perhaps for some customers, these marketing emails are a useful prompt to get in touch. But, for me, they make a mockery of the supposedly personal relationship I have with my travel consultant and turn me away.

Stay true to your brand in everything you do. Otherwise, what’s the point? You have no brand at all.