Our latest design and copywriting project

We’ve just completed a design and copywriting project for our client, Trading Standards South West (TSSW), which we’re so proud of we thought we’d share on our blog for you all to see!

TSSW represents the 11 Local Authority Trading Standards Services in the South West Region. Throughout the year they run a series of business and consumer-facing safeguarding campaigns.

Earlier this year we were asked to assist with their ScamWise project. ScamWise is a campaign to raise awareness of scams and help prevent people from falling victim to them.

Logo redesign

Following our recommendation, we redesigned the ScamWise logo. The new logo has a striking, almost warning type design, to attract attention. We’ve also incorporated a new strapline which encapusltaes the essence of the campaign, “Spot Avoid Report”.


Copywriting and brochure design

We rewrote the existing marketing documents and designed a suite of new literature to support the campaign. All the materials are written in a simple, easy to understand style and are visually attractive. As well as one long brochure we also designed a series of smaller leaflets that can be used independently of the main document.

Rebrand and literature design

This week is TSSW’s Scam Awareness Week so the new designs and materials are already being put to good use. You can find out more on Twitter, follow @TradStandSW #ScamWise.