How to add credibility to your marketing

Any business can make false promises in the hope of generating a sale. But most consumers are wise to this and highly suspicious of unsubstantiated marketing claims.

If you want your potential customers to believe and trust in your marketing messages, then they need to have credibility.

How can you make your marketing credible?

Stay true to your brand and offering - don't stretch your marketing claims beyond what your customers can realistically expect to receive.

Evidence with case studies - demonstrate the reality by showing how other customers have benefitted from your products or services. Wherever possible, attribute the source of testimonials to give authenticity.

Link to reviews - if you use external review sources such as Trustpilot or TripAdvisor, link to the sites from your website.

Respond to negative reviews - acknowledge a negative review, respond appropriately and move the conversation offline. The odd negative review isn't necessarily bad as it shows authenticity. Too many glowing endorsements can look suspicious.

Point to any external endorsement - if your business has received positive press or media coverage link to it from your website or include pdfs of the content.

Demonstrate your knowledge - regularly share your expertise so potential customers can see the substance behind any promotional messages.

Show your accreditation - if you or your business has accreditation from a professional body include this on your website and link to the association.

Use as many credibility assets as possible to substantiate your marketing and build trust in your brand.


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