22 ideas for a business PR story

Achieving editorial coverage is an excellent way to raise the profile of your business positively, but you need a good business PR story to accomplish this.

Do you lack inspiration? Here are 22 suggestions to help you find the hook for your business PR story.

But, remember when pitching your story to the media that it needs to be interesting and relevant to their audience.

  1. A new product or service launch
  2. Business growth or sales increase
  3. An innovation
  4. New client or project wins
  5. Case studies
  6. Business premises relocation or expansion
  7. A business restructure
  8. New staff or staff promotions/qualifications
  9. An award win or shortlist
  10. Receiving industry accreditation
  11. A significant anniversary or business milestone
  12. An event
  13. News of a collaboration or partnership
  14. Potential impact of new industry regulation or legislation
  15. Research/survey results or a whitepaper
  16. Launch an awareness day
  17. Sponsorship of an event or charity
  18. Charitable activities
  19. Efforts towards sustainability
  20. How a national news story will impact your local area
  21. Your spin on national research/statistics
  22. Follow and respond to #journorequest

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