Keep on marketing

We’re deep in Coronavirus lockdown, and your business is probably struggling financially but don’t give up, keep on marketing.

Whatever you can afford, spend it. Whatever time you have, use it.

Why keep on marketing?

1. There is a still a market out there

Your customers still need your products or services, just maybe not right now. You must stay forefront of mind so when they’re ready to buy again, they think of you.

2. Your competitors are still a threat

Your competitors will be struggling too, but many will find a way to keep their brands visible. Don’t let them overshadow you.

And, if any have cut back on their activity, then there’s an opportunity to steal a march on them.

3. There is a new market out there

There are lots of bored people stuck at home with plenty of time to surf the internet and do product research online. These could be your new customers.

4. Building a brand takes time

You’ve carefully nurtured and built your brand over time. It will slip from people’s consciousness quicker than the time it took to put it there.

5. There are opportunities available

One consequence of companies slashing their marketing budgets is that advertisers have to reduce their rates. Options that were once out of reach may now be affordable in the short-term so take advantage of the opportunity.

Of course, you may need to adapt your marketing activity to suit your financial circumstances but whatever you can do, do it. Our previous blog post, “How to keep marketing when money is tight“, might help.

And be sure to update your marketing plan ready for post-lockdown. Your customers’ needs will have likely changed and you need to be ready for that.

If you’d like some help with your marketing plan, we’re currently offering a two-hour marketing consultation for the reduced rate of £100 + VAT. Please get in touch to book a session.

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