Why outsource your marketing now?

As the lockdown restrictions gradually ease now is the perfect time to outsource your marketing. If you’re new to outsourcing here we list seven advantages of outsourcing.

7 reasons to outsource your marketing

1. Gain market share

Many businesses scaled back on marketing during lockdown and may be nervous about spending now. Yet companies and consumers still need to buy, so there’s an opportunity to put your brand forefront of their mind and gain market share. An outsourced marketing consultant can help you achieve this.

2. Flexible resource

Outsourcing provides the flexibility to use the resource as you need it. You can employ as little or as much time as you require. If you’re trying to keep costs down, you can start low and build up as the marketing takes effect and the business gets busier. Or you can cut back when you need to reduce expenses.

3. Expertise

You’ll have access to highly skilled marketing professionals with many years of knowledge and experience. This type of resource would be expensive to employ permanently in-house.

4. Cost-effective

When you outsource your marketing, you don’t have the many associated costs that come with taking on permanent marketing staff such as sick pay, holiday pay, and employee benefits etc. Also, you only pay for the actual time spent on your account. You’re not paying for someone to chat with their colleagues or take comfort breaks.

Outsourcing is a more cost-effective arrangement.

5. A fresh-perspective

External consultants bring a fresh perspective and external viewpoint, which is impossible to achieve when you’re entrenched in the business. A consultant is free from the constraints of how you’ve always done things and can bring new ideas and input.

6. Free up resources

Handing over the reins to a marketing consultant will free up your time, or that of your colleagues, to focus on other aspects of your business.

7. New opportunities

Your marketing consultant will have other clients in different industries and may be able to identify opportunities for collaboration or referral.

If you’re considering outsourcing your marketing, whether to kick-start it or drive forward an existing programme, please get in touch. We support small businesses as their outsourced marketing department, helping them to raise their profile, attract new customers and increase sales. You can see some examples of our work on our Portfolio page.