Finding your voice on LinkedIn

Do you struggle to find your voice on LinkedIn or hold back from posting because you're afraid of getting it wrong?

LinkedIn provides a perfect opportunity to raise the profile of your business, demonstrate your expertise, meet potential customers and expand your network.

If you're running a small company, developing a strong profile on LinkedIn, or another social media platform, can be profitable for your business. But to build your professional profile, you need to have a consistent tone and style - your voice.

How do you find your voice on LinkedIn?

Your voice lies within your personal brand. Your personal brand is:

  • What you want to be known for.
  • What people can expect when they work from you.

To develop a strong personal brand, and stand out from your competition, the content you share on LinkedIn should reflect who you are.

Recently I commented on a LinkedIn post from a user who was complaining about the moaners on the platform - the people who call out what they believe is poor practice. Her point was that we should be more considerate and let everyone do their own thing.

It's clear from the variety of content in the LinkedIn home feed that we all use the platform in different ways. And since we're all individuals, it's only natural that we respond to what we see in different ways.

Since I'm often one of the moaners, I jumped in with a comment on the post mentioned above. Sometimes the content I share is moany because A) I'm a grumpy not very tolerant person, and B) that's me - I say it how it is. But I try to counter my moaniness by explaining the reasoning behind my outburst, and I also share non-moany useful content. Everything I post reflects my personal brand.

Trust in your voice.

Not everyone is going to like or appreciate your content, but that doesn't mean there's a right or wrong.

My advice is to be authentic in your posts (while following the general etiquette of course) and share what feels right to you and your personal brand.

If you be yourself, the people that positively engage with your content will likely share the same mindset as you and probably be the people that you'd want to work with.

Those that don't get it aren't your audience.

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