Is there value in print advertising?

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I drafted a marketing plan for a client this week, which included advertising in printed magazines. The client questioned whether there is still value in print advertising.

Yes, print advertising still works, but there are provisos. Here's how to make print advertising create value for your business.

Select the right publication

Choose the publications that you advertise in wisely. Don't be swayed by persuasive sales representatives but do your research before committing to anything:

  • Check the print volume and distribution. Will it give you the reach that you desire?
  • Identify the target audience for the publication and check that it matches yours.
  • Get hold of a copy. See who else is advertising in there - are they the brands that you'd want to be associated with? Check the overall feel of the publication and the editorial content - does it align well to your brand?

Plan a campaign

One-off adverts rarely work. Advertising aims to build brand awareness, so it takes time and needs a consistent presence. Use your budget creatively so that you can have a regular entry in your chosen publication/s.

Integrate within your marketing mix

The days of booking a one-page advert in Yellow Pages and completing your marketing plan in one hit are well and truly over. Don't rely solely on print advertising as your only form of marketing.

Support your print advertising with digital advertising and other marketing activities. Print advertising should be one, not the only element of your marketing plan and support your other initiatives.

Print advertising isn't appropriate for every business, but it does suit some. So, don't be quick to write it off as outdated!

Some of our clients use print advertising for marketing their businesses. It's not an easy medium to track, but we know from customer feedback that their ads get noticed.

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