Marketing Tip 101: Have a content plan

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At the end of every month, I send out a Marketing Tips email – a marketing tip or two and occasional musings on the marketing world.

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Anyway, earlier this week I found myself writing the newsletter on the last day of the month, the day it’s due out, and I’d completely run out of inspiration. And since I don’t heed my advice and am too busy doing it for my clients, I didn’t have a content plan.

Sharing your expertise isn’t always easy. When it seems obvious to you, it can be hard to determine what might be valuable to others.

So, I sat there wondering what pearls of wisdom to share with my readers.

And the answer became suddenly apparent.

Marketing Tip 101: Have a content plan


Firstly, it will stop you from being in the position I found myself in last month.

Secondly, sharing useful and quality content will draw potential customers to your business (inbound marketing is the fancy term) without the hard sell.

If you’re wondering how to plan your content, I recently shared some ideas on the Straight Marketing blog, which you can read here: 5 Steps to Planning Content

So, don’t be like me. Give some real thought as to the content you will share and prepare a plan. If that all seems too much like hard work, outsource it to someone else. Trust me, I do it before for other people than I do for my own business!