Why am I on your email list?

Email marketing going into trash

Do you often receive emails and wonder how on earth your email address ended up on the email distribution list? I do!

Recently I received a “Members Update” email from Buckinghamshire Building Society. Until then, I’d never even heard of Buckinghamshire Building Society so how they thought I was a member is beyond me!

The email did receive my attention (as you can see I’m writing about it here) but not in a positive way. I took a few seconds to critique it (with my email marketing hat on) before unsubscribing and trashing the email.

It’s easy to gather email addresses and build an email database, but it’s all vanity metrics. Unless the email is relevant to the recipient, you’re just wasting your time. You’ll get more success talking to a smaller yet engaged audience than broadcasting a generic message to the masses.

Avoid buying bulk data. Instead, build your database from the bottom up and create an audience of people who want to receive your communications and will value them.

5 ways to build your email list

  1. Add an email sign up to your website.
  2. Share the link via your social media profiles.
  3. Add a link to your email sign up in your email footer.
  4. Ask people you meet at networking events and connect with on social media if you can add them to your email mailing list.
  5. Make it easy for recipients to share and forward your email newsletters to others by adding social sharing buttons.

Entice your target market to opt-in to your communications by being clear about what they’ll receive from you and the benefits of that. And then deliver on your promise by giving them something of value and sticking to the parameters you set.

Spamming people won’t get you business; it’ll just damage your brand.

Image credit: Pixabay