What is Clubhouse?


Have you heard about Clubhouse yet? No, it’s got nothing to do with Mickey Mouse or golf! Clubhouse is the newest social media app on the block.

The new app is currently in Beta and is only available to iPhone users (on an invite-only basis).

How does clubhouse work?

Unlike any of the other social media platforms Clubhouse is audio-only. Once you’re in the app, you can move around virtual rooms and eavesdrop on, or join in with, conversations that are already happening. You can also start rooms and discussions of your own.

Clubhouse is proving popular with celebrities, so it gives you the chance to hear, and even participate in, realtime conversations with famous people!

You can follow people and browse topics to find relevant content that you’d like to listen to. When you join a room, you’re automatically on mute, but if you’d like to participate or ask a question, you can “Raise Your Hand”. The room hosts, or Moderators, then determine whether to approve your request.

When you don’t want to listen anymore, you can leave quietly without anyone noticing.

How safe is clubhouse?

There’s no recording of conversations, and there are strict rules of engagement. If you invite someone in and they abuse the rules, you’ll get kicked out too!

What are the benefits of Clubhouse?

  • You can use the platform to raise your profile and demonstrate your expertise by sharing your knowledge.
  • Clubhouse is connected to Instagram and Twitter so it can help grow your network.
  • You can learn from others sharing their knowledge and listen in on conversations you wouldn’t usually have access to.
  • Hearing what questions people ask can give you content ideas for your own business.
  • It’s a new platform, so if you get in now, you’ve got the early adopter advantage.

How do you get an invite?

You’ll need an existing user to invite you. Each new member starts with one invitation. If you’d like to join, it’s worth downloading the app and you then might get an invite from a member who has you in their contact list.

I’ve joined (@alisonjobson), but I’ve yet to get stuck in. I have to admit that having another social media platform at my disposal doesn’t fill me with joy! If you’re using Clubhouse, please share your experiences in the comments below.