The recipe for good social media content

What makes good social media content?

These past few days, I’ve seen four different people share on LinkedIn the same inspirational/motivational meme, which originated on Twitter. Even with their unique comments attached to the image, it’s still very repetitive and boring!

Repeatedly seeing the same thing regurgitated degrades its value.

If you want to get brand attention on social media, then sharing the same thing as everyone else is a flawed strategy.

In response to repeatedly seeing the same meme, I got out my colouring pencils and created my version of the meme. I focused on LinkedIn, but the message is relevant to all social media channels.

Please note: I won’t be taking over from our graphic designer on future design work!

My recipe for good social media content

There are five core ingredients:

Original – stand out from the crowd by saying something different or new.

Informative – share something useful that will give others value and expand their knowledge.

Interesting – inspire rather than bore.

Relevant – post content that resonates.

Entertaining – have fun and bring some cheer.

Social media is a crowded space with no room for repetitive and boring.

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