Direct mail for small businesses

Image credit: Pixabay

Direct mail presents an ideal marketing opportunity for small businesses. You could use direct mail to introduce your products or services to potential new clients. And also to upsell to existing clients.

Over recent years, direct mail has fallen out of favour and been replaced by email marketing. But this decline in its popularity presents an ideal opportunity for you to use direct mail to your advantage.

Here are 10 reasons why we think direct mail marketing is good for small businesses:

  1. The lower volume of business mail means your direct mail is likely to be noticed.
  2. You can target the decision maker and get your brand directly in front of them.
  3. Direct mail stands out and captures attention.
  4. Direct mail is tangible and likely to sit around for a while keeping your brand in front of your prospective customer.
  5. You can send something creative and memorable.
  6. Direct mail provides an opportunity for telephone follow up so you’re not going in completely cold.
  7. A good piece of direct mail creates an excellent first impression.
  8. Direct mail engages a recipient’s full attention unlike many digital communications.
  9. You can integrate direct mail with digital marketing – including QR codes, for example.
  10. Direct mail is available to everyone. It’s not reliant on access to technology and can reach all audiences.

Your direct mail can be simple as a letter or a postcard, or something more elaborate. I’ve received Y fronts, a hand delivered apple in a box and regularly sent letters with chocolate inside! The only rule of thumb is that it must be appropriate to the recipient and relevant to your business or the message you want to convey.

So, if you’re a small business and want to get your name in front of prospective customers, why not give direct mail a try?