How big is your turnip?

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It turns out that turnips can be quite small.

How do I know this?

I recently did an online grocery shop with Sainsbury’s and as they didn’t have any swede, I ordered a turnip instead thinking it would be similar. I’ve read “The Enormous Turnip” story, so I had reasonable expectations, or so I thought. I was misled. My turnip was the size of a small potato. Barely enough to feed one. Nowhere near enough for a roast dinner for four!

Who knew how small turnips could be?!

Anyway, why am I sharing my online shopping fails with you? Trust me there is a marketing point to my tale and it is this.

How often have you bought something only to be disappointed when it didn’t turn out to be what you were expecting?

A large part of marketing focuses on raising awareness of your product and convincing your target audience to buy. There’s always an element of ‘sexing up’ to make your product enticing. But be careful not to create false expectations with your marketing. Over promise and you’ll under deliver. Emphasise your key selling points and use enticing images and copy, but don’t oversell.

To be fair to Sainsbury’s, they didn’t oversell my turnip. That was my ignorance.

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Thank you Alison. I love your updates which bring a smile to my face!
Best wishes
Jenny (Clark)

Thanks Jenny 🙂

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