Are you giving them the feels?

Marketing Tips from Straight Marketing

After the third UK lockdown (the lockdown from hell), businesses are reopening, and consumer confidence is returning. Life is gradually starting to feel more normal. But is it?

There’s no hiding from it. Life has changed. Whatever your marketing approach pre-Covid or even during Covid, it most likely won’t cut the mustard now.

Like you, your customers have been through a rollercoaster of a year. Their feelings on life have changed. For example, your customers may be worried about money, uncertain about the long-term or ready for change.

As feelings drive purchasing decisions, you need to consider them in your marketing.


Review the essentials such as your messaging, promises, guarantees, benefits, and payment options. Are these talking to your pre-pandemic customers, or do they meet the needs and wants of today’s customers?

It requires more than a squirt of hand sanitiser to instil consumer confidence. Give them the feels, and you’ll keep them on board.