Right for your customer or you?

Marketing Tips from Straight Marketing

Believe it or not, some people do still prefer to talk! But increasingly, that seems to be forgotten in our digital world.

Online contact forms, chatbots, messaging services etc., are becoming the norm. Yet, what about those people that want to speak to a real person?

I’ll admit that I regularly ignore the calls that come through to my landline (they’re usually sales calls), and I sometimes prefer to message rather than pick up the phone. But when I want a quick and certain response, the best way to achieve this is via a phone call.

However, I’m finding that increasingly difficult:

  • I wanted to call a restaurant to amend a booking, but there wasn’t a phone number on the website.
  • I called a business contact, and the call went straight to voicemail. The message told me that the recipient was no longer accepting voicemail messages, so I couldn’t say what I needed to say at that time.

I understand that with so many communication channels nowadays, it can be hard to manage them all when you’re running a business. But by shutting off certain channels, you risk losing potential customers or alienating existing customers. 

Communication preferences differ, so make sure to consider those of your target audience when deciding how they can get in touch.

How can your customers contact you? Are your communication channels right for your customer or just right for you?