We provide a marketing strategy and planning service to help clients determine where to focus their marketing efforts. We can provide this as a one-off project or complete this at the outset of a longer-term outsourced marketing department relationship.

If you’d like to be actively involved in shaping your marketing strategy and marketing activity we also provide a strategy and marketing planning workshop. This is a half-day session carried out at your offices where we work through a structured agenda to create an outline marketing plan for your business.

Your strategy and marketing plan is a 12-month plan of action which will ensure that your marketing efforts are directed in the best possible way to achieve maximum return on investment.

How does the strategy and marketing planning process work?

Our approach to strategy and marketing planning is a four-stage process:

Step One

An initial meeting with you to complete a comprehensive Marketing Audit (a review of the current position and desired outcomes). We provide you with a questionnaire in advance of the meeting.

We will take the information from the marketing audit and go away and complete the marketing plan. This process will include some marketing research.

Step Two
Step Three

We have a follow up meeting with you to review the marketing plan and answer any questions. Following that meeting we will make any necessary adjustments to the plan.

We will book a post-plan meeting with you 3 months after completion of the plan to answer any additional queries that may have arisen, see how things are going and find out if you require any additional support.

Step Four

Your marketing plan

Your plan will include:

Current market position
A summary of you current market position to put the plan in context – competitors, SWOT analysis, PEST analysis, positioning etc.
Recommended strategy including recommended target market, positioning, branding and overall marketing strategy.
Ballpark costs for the recommended marketing initiatives and activities.
Marketing research
A summary of market research into your competitors and the external market place to highlight the opportunities available to you.
Marketing tactics
Recommended marketing initiatives and campaigns to undertake over the next 12 months. This will be a mix of online and offline depending on your market.
Proposed timeline for the recommended marketing initiatives and activities.

Marketing Planning Workshop

A half-day session to develop an outline marketing plan for your business

Gain an understanding of the basics of marketing

Plan your marketing with our guidance

A structured agenda tailored to your needs

A focused marketing plan for the year ahead