Good marketing communication – getting the message right

For those of you that are regular readers of our blog, you will know that we talk a lot about the importance of the right message in marketing communication. Our most recent blog post on this topic was in response to some signage that East Devon District Council had erected at a number of car parks in Exmouth. You can read it here.

We are passionate about this topic (messaging not the council) so are always alert to poor messaging. This week our attention was drawn to a branded pen:

Pen 1 Pen 2 Pen 3

The pen reads:

“Unison South West

There for you

020 7121 5620”

It may be a simple pen but it carries a message, which we interpret as follows: “Hello South West Unison members, we really care about you and the issues you face being employed by the public sector in the South West. We’re here for you so why not call us and someone in the big metropolis, i.e. someone quite removed from your locality, will be delighted to help you with your local concerns.”

Perhaps we are being picky but you can see the point.

Regardless of what you are selling, the message you give out to your existing and potential customers will determine how they perceive you and whether they buy from you or not. It is, therefore vital that you get the message is right, every time and on every thing you do!

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