Content marketing: copywriting for beginners

The increasing importance of content marketing has placed a significant amount of pressure on business owners and in-house marketers to become overnight expert copywriters. Good content marketing is vital if you want to rank highly in Google search, gain thought leadership status and stay ahead of the competition.

However, if the thought of writing good copy leaves you cold don’t panic! Copywriting is a skill, but a reasonable level can be achieved without natural aptitude or undertaking a journalism or writing course.

Here are our copywriting tips:

  1. Do your research – browse other related articles and blogs to get a feel for the industry standard and provide some inspiration.
  2. Tone of voice – determine how you want your writing to come across e.g. promotional/salesy, informative, authoritative, chatty and keep this tone up throughout.
  3. Structure your article – make a bullet point list of the key points you want to cover in your article and make a story map – plan out the sections of your piece in a logical order. Always start with an introduction, which sets the scene and end with a conclusion that draws the article together.
  4. Make a start – the hardest challenge is getting those first few sentences down so don’t sweat this. Pay little attention to the flow and choice of words at this stage – just get something down. When you come up across a literary brick wall, stop writing and move on to a different section. I jump around with my writing and often don’t complete the first paragraph unit I have finished the article.
  5. Keep writing – keep going even if it all seems a bit of a mess. Eventually, you will get into the flow, and you will be able to piece together the different sections of writing into a logical piece.
  6. Use a thesaurus – if you’re struggling to find the right word or your use of certain words is getting repetitive use a thesaurus to find a more suitable alternative.
  7. Put it down – if time allows put the finished article aside and come back to it later. Often when you come back to it afresh, it’s easy to spot the weak points in your article and find alternative words/sentences which pack more punch.
  8. Final grammar/spelling check – run your finished article through a spell and grammar checker (we recommend Grammarly) and then read it aloud, slowly. Reading it aloud will highlight any grammatical mistakes you may have missed and let you check it flows correctly.

In our experience, good copywriting comes with practice so keep it up.

If, however, it all feels like too big a challenge or you just don’t have time give us a call, and we’ll put pen to paper for you.

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