Copywriting phrases to avoid

Copywriting is a core service we provide for clients so we spend quite a lot of time reading other people’s copy. Today we thought we’d share some commonly used copywriting phrases that drive us mad!

7 copywriting pet hates

Copywriting phrases to avoid:

1. “Forward thinking

As opposed to backward thinking?

2. “We pride ourselves on..”

Well done, give yourselves a pat on the back now how does that help me exactly?

3. “New beginning“, “joint collaborations“, “new innovation

Tautology – saying the same thing twice over in different words.

4. “Award-winning

Should I be impressed by this? Award for what?

5. “We are a leading…”

A favourite amongst law firms. Leading what exactly? This sounds boastful yet unsubstantiated.

6. “Don’t hesitate to contact us

You want me to do something yet begin the sentence telling me not to? Negative language at the start of a sentence, even though it has a positive intention often triggers an immediate negative reaction from the reader.

7. “The weather does lots of different things so does the Post Office

OK so we admit this example isn’t a commonly used marketing phrase but we felt it had to go on the list. Until recently the Post Office sponsored the Channel 4 7 O’Clock News weather slot and this was their strap line. Seriously? Is this really the best they could come up with?

What commonly used phrases irritate you? Please add them to the comments below.

We accept that this blog post has potentially opened us up to receive a barrage of comments from the grammarians and better wordsmiths amongst you. We nervously await your feedback, please be kind!