Christmas TV advertising campaigns 2014

Last year we did a round up of some of the major retailer’s Christmas TV adverts. Here is a selection from 2014.

As per last year they are all quite different!

John Lewis

Continuing with the cute, heart warming approach again this year John Lewis has focused on Monty the Penguin and his friendship with a young boy. The ad is designed to take people back to their childhood and is meant to tell a real story of love and friendship. John Lewis wants to remind people of the magic of Christmas through a child’s eyes.


Morrison’s offering is set to the classic festive song “It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas” and features several typical Christmas scenes. It shows how Morrisons will help customers make Christmas special for their families through the value it offers. Unlike other retailers Morrisons is using its ad to push products rather than taking them on an emotional journey.


Tesco’s theme is “Get your lights out and your hats on. It’s Christmas and Tesco will be there with you every step of the way.” Tesco is shifting away from its price-based messaging to put the focus on customers and what it can do to help them over Christmas for its festive brand campaign.

Marks & Spencer

Marks and Spencer’s festive campaign features two fairies named Magic and Sparkle. Set to the song “Fly Me To The Moon”, the advert follows the two fairies as they fly across the country spreading Christmas cheer. The advert seeks to make an emotional connection with its customers and remind them of the joy of giving.


Debenhams’ ‘Found it’ TV advert features a group of children experiencing an overnight stay in Debenhams and searching for the perfect gift. Last year Debenhams was criticised by its customers for not being Christmassy enough so this year the store is bringing gifting to the forefront with the strapline ‘Find your fabulous Christmas at Debenhams’.


Sainsburys’ World War One-themed festive campaign is aiming to prove it understands its customers by showing that Christmas is about more than just food and drink. Produced in conjunction with The British Legion the ad features the famous Christmas day truce between German and English soldiers.

Whilst the style varies from advert to advert one aspect is common throughout. Christmas advertising is no longer just about the TV ad. The advert itself is just one aspect of the festive campaign. Each retailer is also using in-store activity, social media and digital marketing to support and maximise their campaign’s effectiveness. In 2014 a TV advert during the Coronation Street ad break is just not enough!

This year the penguin gets our vote! Which one is your favourite?