Case study template

Case studies are a very powerful marketing tool as we highlighted in an earlier blog post “5 benefits of case studies in marketing“. They are extremely valuable content to have on your website and in your marketing literature to help convince potential customers to buy from you.

To help you produce great case studies we thought we’d share our case study template.

Case study template

Remember that the purpose of the case study is to give potential customers an idea of what they can expect from you, to demonstrate your key strengths and to highlight the benefits.

Think of your key selling points and wherever possible demonstrate these in your case studies.

We recommend the following case study format:


Who is the customer?

Give a short description of the customer to give background/context.


What were the challenges they faced before contacting you?

Write 2-3 short paragraphs describing what challenges your customer had before using your product/ service and/or what goals they were trying to be achieve.

Were you able to suggest/provide a different approach that gave a better end result?


How did your product or service solve their challenges?

Explain what product / services you provided. Highlight any challenges that you had to overcome and how you did this.


What was the end result?

Describe the end result for the customer and the benefits they experienced. Demonstrate where you went above and beyond or where your expertise made a difference.

Customer Comment

How would the customer sum it up?

Ask the customer to provide a testimonial that summarises their experience of working with you.


Use an image to make the case study more visually appealing  – this could be an image that highlights your product or showcases how that customer used it, the customer’s business logo or a photo of the customer.

Once you have completed your case study make sure you include it in your sales/marketing literature and share it via your website, blog and social media channels.