How to engage with journalists on Twitter

Getting your story in the press is a great way to raise the profile of your business. However, engaging the attention of relevant journalists and making sure they see your press release can be a tricky business. Journalists are constantly bombarded with email press releases so even the best attention grabbing headline can get lost in an inbox.

One way to build relationships with journalists and get your stories in front of them is to engage with journalists on Twitter. Journalists are the most well-represented group of Twitter users.

5 tips to engage with journalists on Twitter

1. Build a list of journalists

Create a list of relevant journalists so you can easily keep on top of their tweets and get a feel for where their interest lies.

If you make a public list, the journalists you add to it will be notified – an easy first step in getting your name in front of them.

We’ve written a separate blog post on how to find journalists on Twitter, which you can read here.

2. Start engaging

Take time to build relationships with the journalists before you start bombarding them with your press releases. Respond to requests for help, retweet their tweets (maybe with a comment of your own) and start a conversation by replying to their tweets.

3. Be polite

If a journalist follows you, thank them for the follow.

4. Pitch you story

Once you’ve started to build relationships you can start pitching your stories. Summarise the essence of your press release in the tweet and include a link to the full press release or further information.

If you want everyone to see the tweet, start with something like “Hi @username..” otherwise for a more subtle approach start the tweet with “@username..”

Avoid sending the same tweet to several journalists or use direct messaging. This will help make your story seem a little more exclusive.

5. Nurture the relationship

If a journalist does use your story make sure you thank them publicly and tweet a link to the story.

Twitter provides a great platform to connect with journalists directly and should form part of your overall PR strategy.

Have you ever secured media coverage by tweeting to a journalist or reporter? We’d love to hear your experiences.

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