How to make a successful telemarketing call

Telemarketing is a form of direct marketing where prospective clients are contacted ‘cold’ via the telephone. Done well it can be a great way to get in front of potential clients and introduce them to your products or services. Telemarketing is NOT telesales. The end goal is not to secure a sale but initiate a relationship.

If you’re new to telemarketing here are some tips to help increase the success of your telemarketing call.

Tips for making a successful telemarketing call

Before the call

[icon type=”phone2″ color=”#26a29a” size=”20px”] Have a clear purpose for your call – what outcome do you hope to achieve?

[icon type=”phone2″ color=”#26a29a” size=”20px”] Write a script – we don’t advocate reading from a script but drafting the conversation before you pick up the phone helps clarify your thoughts and determine your key messages. It also gives you chance to consider possible objections and how you might handle them.

[icon type=”phone2″ color=”#26a29a” size=”20px”] Do some research – know a little about the company/contact you are calling so that you can tailor your message and avoid saying the wrong thing.

[icon type=”phone2″ color=”#26a29a” size=”20px”] Be prepared – if you’re phoning to arrange an appointment have several possible dates and times available. Have a pen and paper handy to make notes.

[icon type=”phone2″ color=”#26a29a” size=”20px”] Stand up – you’ll sound more authoritative.

Making the call

[icon type=”phone2″ color=”#26a29a” size=”20px”] Smile – yes really! This will make you sound more enthusiastic.

[icon type=”phone2″ color=”#26a29a” size=”20px”] Open the call – always begin with “good morning” or “good afternoon” and provide your name. This helps establish a positive relationship right from the start.

[icon type=”phone2″ color=”#26a29a” size=”20px”] Explain why you are calling – pause and take time to listen to responses as you go.

[icon type=”phone2″ color=”#26a29a” size=”20px”] Build a rapport – use the contact’s name occasionally during the conversation, this should help you sound more sincere.

[icon type=”phone2″ color=”#26a29a” size=”20px”] Listen – make sure that you listen to what the contact is saying and take it on board. Adapt your message/approach accordingly.

[icon type=”phone2″ color=”#26a29a” size=”20px”] Close the call – repeat back the actions you expect to be taking so there are no misunderstandings. Your call should end with some clearly defined course of action. Use the contact’s name in your final sentence and if there are some facts you particularly want remembered, repeat them immediately prior to saying goodbye.

After the call

[icon type=”phone2″ color=”#26a29a” size=”20px”] Record the call – record details of what was discussed and what follow up action is required.

[icon type=”phone2″ color=”#26a29a” size=”20px”] Follow up – complete your agreed actions. A follow up email to the contact immediately after the call shows your interest and is an opportunity to confirm the arrangements made.

The more telemarketing calls you make the easier this should become. Be prepared for rejections and don’t expect a 100% success rate. We normally expect a 25% positive outcome on a telemarketing campaign but this varies depending on the objective of the campaign and the target audience.

If you’d like to use telemarketing as part of your marketing mix but would prefer to outsource we can manage telemarketing campaigns on your behalf.

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