Email marketing tips for small businesses

Email marketing is an effective way for small businesses to raise brand awareness and reach new customers. If you're new to email marketing here are some email marketing tips to get you started.

Email marketing tips

Determine your goal

Decide what the purpose of your email is and what format it will take. What do you want to achieve from it - e.g. brand building, sales?

Decide on the frequency

Decide how often you will send your emails. What is appropriate to the type of content, target audience, objective and internal resource?

Build a database

Build your email database - read our five tips on how to grow your email marketing list.

Let people know what to expect

When people sign up be sure to let them know what to expect - i.e. type of content and frequency.

Segment your database

Separate out your list into sub-groups or categories so you can tailor email content accordingly.

Plan your campaigns

Work out a schedule of emails so the content is planned and fits your overall objective.

Write a compelling subject header

The email subject is crucial as this is the only thing standing between your email and the trash folder. Read our nine tips on email subject headers.

Make sure the email works on mobile

Be aware of how your email will display on smartphones and tablets. A single column template works best.

Include calls to action

Include relevant calls to action. Make them big and bold. Think about what action you want the recipient to take and make it easy for them to do so.

Keep it short

If your email is quite content heavy summarise your articles and include links to your website for the full article. This makes it more user friendly and encourages click throughs to your website.

Use images

Images break up the content and make it more visually appealing.

Include sub-headings

Make it easy for recipients to scan the text and easily pick out which bits they want to read.

Include contact details

Include contact details so recipients can easily get in touch.


Check for typos before you send. Preferably ask someone who hasn't seen it to proof it.

Enable unsubscribe

Ensure there is a clear link for recipients to unsubscribe if they choose.

Test first

Send a test email to check it sends and displays correctly.

Time delivery

Schedule your email to arrive at the optimum time for increased open rates. Email platforms such as MailChimp can do this for you.

Analyse the results

Monitor open rates, click-throughs and unsubscribes to analyse what works best. Do more of what works and less of what doesn't.

Keep it up

Stick to your advertised frequency. If you promised a monthly email then make sure you deliver one.

Email marketing can be an extremely cost-effective way to communicate with your prospective and existing customers and generate sales. We find MailChimp is a good email marketing tool for small businesses and is easy to use. We also have our own monthly email marketing newsletter Marketing Tips which you can sign up to here.

We run email marketing campaigns for several clients. If you'd like any email marketing help please call us on 01395 901116.

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