MailChimp Google remarketing

A few months ago, we announced that MailChimp was introducing Facebook advertising through its email platform. The latest news from MailChimp is that they are now providing Google Remarketing Ads.

What is remarketing?

Have you ever browsed an e-commerce website and then noticed adverts for the item you almost bought following you around the internet? To the uninformed, it can feel like someone has been spying on you and is quite disconcerting. This targeted advertising is remarketing (also known as retargeting).

Remarketing shows targeted online adverts to visitors who have been to your website but not made an immediate purchase or enquiry. It can dramatically increase conversion rates. Have you ever been tempted to go back and buy that pair of shoes after they followed you around the internet?!

How does Google remarketing work?

Remarketing works by adding a Google remarketing code, also known as a tag or pixel, to your website which adds your website visitors to your remarketing audiences through browser cookies. You can customise the code for different pages to create different remarketing audiences. Once these visitors leave your website you can then show Google ads to them while they browse websites in the vast Google Display Network.

How does MailChimp remarketing work?

According to MailChimp, you simply connect your store to MailChimp and they do the work for you. They integrate with your site and automatically build ads that feature your bestselling products. You just need to add an eye-catching headline, tweak your content, and then your ad is done! If you want more control over the design, you can also choose which products you want to include.

If you’re already using MailChimp and want to give remarketing a try for the first time this is probably worth a try.

Why has MailChimp introduced remarketing?

This is a natural add-on product to the MailChimp platform. If you already MailChimp to drive traffic to your website through email marketing and/or Facebook advertising, remarketing is another tool at your disposal to increase conversions.

To find out more, read the MailChimp blog.